About The Owner and Pritchard & Market

Meet TaNesha 
Owner, Pritchard & Market


Hi! I wanted to take this time to introduce myself and share a little about Pritchard & Market.  I wanted to explore combining my creativity and love of science.

I have always enjoyed burning candles, oils, and tarts in my home.  Great music and a nice smell in the home can set the mood for any day. 

At first, I experimented with cotton wick candles; however, I did not enjoy the cumbersome work of developing the candle.  It seemed more as a chore than enjoyment.  Last year I decided I wanted to try again but a different route.  I wanted candles that were appealing aesthetically but also were not harmful for the environment. 

I chose cocoa apricot crème wax because it is a wonderful vegan blend of natural apricot and coconut and a small amount of highly refined food grade paraffin wax, providing an excellent fragrance throw, both cold and hot.  For P&M I’ve chosen fragrances that will invoke a warm feeling from your heart.  I have always enjoyed the sound of crackling wood even though as a child we did not own a fireplace.  Wooden wicks are sustainable, natural, and eco friendly wicks while providing a distinct crackling sound.  I wanted to share my joy in making candles that Pritchard & Market was created. 

Our mission at Pritchard & Market is to appeal to your sensories by creating an ambiance of peace and happiness.  

Pritchard & Market is currently based in Dallas, Texas.  All P&M candles are hand poured.  Each contains a whispering or crackling wooden wick depending on the fragrance.

As time progresses we will introduce new additions to the company.

Always remember Pritchard & Market products are made from the heart and with a smile.